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Based in Melbourne
We are Australia’s first and only company specialising in apfelwein, and one of the few to be offering these exciting, high quality, products anywhere outside their local region.

heart of the apfelwein region
We also have a base in the heart of the apfelwein region—Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, in southern Germany.

immersed in thriving culture
Ciderhaus has been immersed in this rich and thriving culture for several years, and we have an intimate understanding of the industry, its traditions, and the quality it offers.

unequalled access
Ciderhaus has unequalled access to apfelweins which in many cases are entirely handmade, produced only in boutique quantities, and rarely available outside their immediate region of production.

Our knowledge of the tradition, production, styles, quality, diversity, availability—and the makers themselves—is unmatched both within and outside Frankfurt am Main and the region.

real cider
We are excited to be bringing apfelwein to Australian and International connoisseurs and are confident you will appreciate these fine and unique products as much as we do.

…of premium apfelwein

what is…


It’s a bit like Cider… only waaay better!
While new to Australia
Apfelwein has a centuries old tradition. Literally translated as “apple wine”, its a unique, hand-crafted product and the national drink of Frankfurt (in the Hessen Rhein-Main region) in southern Germany. 
Although made from apples
Apfelwein is worlds away from the mainstream ciders familiar to Australians. It is very much a quality beverage to savour and enjoy with food.
The Rhein-Main region near Frankfurt
Is famous for wine-growing and is also home to one of the world’s premier fruit growing regions. In fact, the centuries old traditions of wine-making and apfelwein-making have developed side by side, mutually benefited from knowledge and technology, and evolved distinct cultures.
This is the first chance for Australians
To directly experience the culture of apfelwein. The region boasts well over 100 unique apple varieties grown and used in apfelwein. Varieties such as ‘Bohnapfel’, ‘Trierer Weinapfel’ and the indigenous ‘Speierling’ give these wines a unique character that sets Hessen Rhein-Main apart from other cider regions of the world.

So many cider apples
The region boasts well over 100 unique apple varieties grown and used in apfelwein. Varieties such as ‘Bohnapfel’, ‘Trierer Weinapfel’ and the indigenous ‘Speierling’ give these wines a unique character that sets Hessen Rhein-Main apart from other cider regions of the world.
They are free
Of concentrate, sugar, water or any other additives. The majority of apfelwein is still and fully fermented with a balance and profile to match a quality table wine.
Unparalleled quality
Including ‘apfelschaumweins’ or apfelwein made in the full methode champagnoise.
The potential
To match still or sparkling apfelwein with modern eating goes well beyond the Anglosaxon idea of matching a scrumpy cider with a pork chop! The quality and scope of apfelwein is simply on a higher plane.
With a base in Frankfurt
Ciderhaus works directly with the producers to bring you this truly unique, regional institution.

Is a family business and is the first company to be exporting these products outside their local area, making Melbourne the first city outside Germany to experience this unique culture through a range of its’ best apfelweins.

“Its something unique. Not just a drink, apfelwein is an entire city, an institution, a daily event, and sometimes even philosophy.”

—Norbert Brieke

“You will become a better person if you drink this”


We know you’re gonna love them




When you first encounter apfelwein it can be difficult to understand the range of styles available or the occasions for which it is uniquely suited. We definitely want to help people decipher the secrets and traditions of apfelwein, so look around this website. In the meantime, we’ve categorised our apfelweins (below) in a simple way to help you to understand this great drink.

trierer weinapfel

A wonderful single variety apfelwein from the Trierer Weinapfel, an apple much loved in southern Germany and a typical cider apple with high levels of acidity and tannin with a very low level of sugar. Beautifully drinkable and semi-dry.


A wonderful single apple variety apfelwein. Dry and full of character.


Full methode champenoise and perhaps the best sparkling apfelwein available, anywhere!


Original German Cider. A tradition since 1817


Hand-made méthode champenoise sparkling apfelwein


A beautiful apfelwein cuvee from apple and pear.


The classic version of traditional Frankfurt apfelwein. Made with the tiniest addition of speierling fruit.

Hessen a la carte

Classic rustic cider. Hand made from a blend of fresh apfelweins to create a traditional yet accessible drink. Some call it funky!

kontor: still

Wein aus Äpfeln 2010 has a complexity of character to rival a good white wine (a Riesling-like purity), and displays qualities and dimensions simply unattainable by its Anglophone cousin: commercial cider.

kontor: sparkling

Pure enjoyment, but pure in more ways than one. This apfelperlwein (sparkling German cider) from Apfelweinkontor is lightly sweet and sparkling and has been created from among the best and most pure apfelwein available in the region. A perfect summer drink or simply to enjoy with friends. Only 4.0% alcohol.


Gold medal winner, best in class, and second highest score outright from more than 117 ciders in the 2012 Australian Cider Awards. Made purely from a single variety of apples, and that apple is ‘Bohnapfel’, the cornerstone of Frankfurter apfelwein. Semi-dry.

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